Bewakoof's #ColorOfTheMonth Campaign

“The objective of Instagram and Influencer Marketing should not be revenue based, its sole purpose should be branding. Do not expect revenue from Instagram.” - Kushal Satra -

By Rachit Juneja

Dec. 15, 2020

Bewakoof is a lifestyle fashion brand that makes creative, distinctive fashion for the trendy, contemporary Indian. They like to experiment freely, which allows them to balance creativity and relatability, and their innovative designs.

“The objective of Instagram and Influencer marketing should not be revenue based, its sole purpose should be branding. Do not expect revenue from Instagram.” - Kushal Satra -

Their most renowned campaign - #ColorOfTheMonth has caught the eyes of many. We conducted an interview with their Senior Marketing Executive to cover the same and here’s what we got to know:

  1. Tell us about #ColorOfTheMonth. started off this campaign two years back and since then, the reach for the same has increased many folds. #ColorOfTheMonth came about as a byproduct of our #DesignOfTheDay campaign. The objective of #ColorOfTheMonth was to launch a new colour every month, which opened the brand’s avenues to be known not just for the typical monotones, but also for pastels, pops, neutrals, neons and the list goes on. On the first of every month, the brand launches the colour of the month, and for the next twelve hours following the launch, the t-shirts and other garments are sold at almost half the original price. This creates a lot of buzz and anticipation amongst our audience. We were under the impression that the excitement amongst our TG would die down eventually, but it picked up very well in the first 3-4 months, and since then we haven’t stopped.

  1. What was your objective and aim with the onset of this campaign?

Our first objective was to understand and analyse how this would affect our revenue structure. Secondly and most importantly, we wanted this to be a branding activity. The influencers we collaborated with had huge following bases, so we wanted to attract audiences towards our designs and our Instagram handles for the same. #ColorOfTheMonth was our first campaign in which we decided to incorporate influencer marketing. So the entire process was that of exploration and analysis for us.

  1. How did you decide on what kind influencers you wanted to incorporate into this campaign?

#ColorOfTheMonth is related to one particular colour and we were of the opinion that Fashion influencers are the most reliable sources to have an impact on audiences with plain t-shirts of a particular colour, by styling them in different ways. Moreover, it is this category of influencers that people generally follow to learn more about fashion, clothing, accessories and styling them in different ways. 

  1. Within the category of Fashion influencers, how did you decide on the right combination of influencers to go ahead with?

The influencer marketing agency that we had onboard gave us a list of verified influencers and influencers belonging to different categories on the bases of following base, i.e. Less 50k followers, 50k-100k followers and so on. We chose 10-15 influencers from each of these categories and had a total of 45 influencers from their end. Apart from that, we sealed barter deals with micro-influencers from our end as well who were happy to be a part of our branding activities. We chose the influencers on the basis of their engagement rates, the kind of content they posted, what kind of clothing apparel they prefer, etc. 

  1. How did you leverage the uniqueness of each influencer?

We did not impose any sort of restrictions on our influencers apart from letting the product be the main highlight of their posts. We allowed them complete creative freedom to decide what to post and how to post it. As a result of this, we received great results and a few influencers went out of their way to make reels, which we were more than ecstatic about. 

  1. How has Covid 19 impacted your market? Did you take any steps to battle it?
    April and May were terribly low months for us. We had put all our expenditures and paid promotions on pause. People were not interested in investing in any sort of clothing items, all they wanted were masks. Honing on this opportunity, we launched our very own range of printed masks which included eye masks, hand gloves, sanitizers and a few other things as well. We noticed that everyone was bored of wearing plain masks and there was a need for quirky and funky printed masks in the market, so we tapped in on this and got back on track and now we are at quite a stable position. In terms of social media, we started interacting a lot more with our audiences through live sessions called Bewakoof Ke Saath Charcha.

  1. How do you think this particular campaign stood out?

Owing to our decision to involve influencers, we saw the highest amount of reach and impressions for this campaign, last month as the colour of the month was Cherry Red, so it caught the attention of many people. We also designed our own captions for each influencer, which included catchy sentences that were slightly incomplete, compelling their followers to check out what it was that they are promoting. 

  1. What are your future plans for influencer marketing in this financial year?

We want to divide our collection category wise, i.e. music, sports, memes, movies, etc., and then go in-depth into analysing our target audience for each and then selecting influencers for the same. For instance, if I want to promote a song lyric t-shirt, I would go to a singer or a musician and not a fashion influencer. I believe there is a lot of variety and scope in a strategy like this. 

  1. What is your learning from this campaign?

The objective of Instagram and influencer marketing should not be revenue based, its sole purpose should be branding. Do not expect revenue from Instagram. If it comes, it could be an added advantage, but it should be a branding activity. If we want to do revenue based activities, we would shift to youtube because the link stays for longer in the bios of influencers.